Wednesday, February 18, 2009

trying my hand at landscapes

I finally got a new camera and got a chance to take a new picture! I'm leaving the old one up for comparison.

This is the start of my second real landscape.
I started this painting on the family reunion trip to California. We were staying in Kirkwood, California, near Lake Tahoe. I hiked up the mountain behind the resort one day and started painting. I didn't have a huge amount of time and it gets pretty darn cold at 8000 feet, so I only did a rough sort of sketch to get a feel for it. I took a picture to work from.
Well, I didn't get around to working on it again til the other day. It wasn't anything to look at before this, and this is still only partway. I'm planning on adding more detail to the foreground and glazes of colour of the background to give it that blue washed out sorta feeling that you get looking at distant mountains.
I really want to work at landscapes, because they don't come naturally to me like figure work does. I also want to try my hand at cityscapes, but I'm taking baby steps here!

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gianlucio said...

Hello Lynn, I really like this painting, you see the spontaneity of the brushwork, congratulations! I subscribe to your blog so much every step to find you if you go you follow my blog pictorial.