Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Another Return

Yes, I know, I am not very good at posting regularly. But there were some really good reasons this time- everything from vacation to moving to starting work to starting full-time work (which I someday hope to be paid for) to some very stressful personal stuff.

But, I'm back now! I can't promise to post often as I just don't have that much time to paint right now. I'm a full time intern working as an animator on a kid's show, and that takes up a lot of my time. Almost all of it. I've also been sick more times than I can count this fall, which is unusual as I'm usually healthy as a horse.

I've said enough about all that though. On to the paintings!
(as an aside, I apologize for the blurry pictures. I'll try and redo them during daylight hours this weekend)

I started painting this at the family reunion. Unfortunately, painting by the water at sunset in the summer... ow, mosquitos. I could only stand so long before I had to retreat inside (which, with the company and the wine that was constantly around, was not so bad). So I finished it at home with some advice about depth from an old teacher, and am fairly happy with the result. Not my favorite by far, but something I learned from and don't mind.
I am not happy with this one. I painted it on the family reunion, but redid it afterwards. I lost a lot redoing it, and I don't like the colours I chose. I might redo it again, but I think it'll just be a learning piece for me and be tossed aside.

This is my latest and one of my new favorite paintings. I did it referenced off a series of photos I took at the old place (Oh how I miss the sunsets off the balcony!). It's the biggest piece I've ever painted and I love the colours. I am going to paint more with those colours.
I also had an amazing time painting it. I actually split up the painting into two sessions for once- when I start things, I want to finish. I think it made a difference as I went back and touched things up the second go around. It's currently up in our hallway and I think it makes the place look brighter.

Also- I love painting so big. This painting is almost twice the size of the next biggest I've painted.

For size reference-

(please ignore the empty wine bottles on the fridge. I mean, an artist needs to have a glass with dinnner, right?)


Nathan Dickey said...

Wow! I am loving that sunset painting Lynn! very nice study

Lynn Sibley said...